National citizens’ dialogue – an information booklet.

Wydawca: Fundacja Stocznia
Rok publikacji: 2023
Autor: Maria Belina Brzozowska, Maria Jagaciak, Kuba Wygnański

Excerpt from the booklet:

„This booklet presents a different idea of democracy: one that includes citizens and gives them
agency in decision-making, which is sensitive to diverse needs and focuses on education, dialogue
and quality decisions on socially important issues. The idea is mainly based on a grassroots, innovative project conducted by the Shipyard Foundation in 2022 called the “National citizens’ council on energy costs”.


Its aim was to reflect on solutions to the problem of energy poverty affecting one in ten Polish families and, more broadly,on issues of soaring energy prices. This national process combined two successive elements – local councils and a national citizens’ assembly. Never before in Poland has there been such an extensive, sequential participatory process or a citizens’ assembly conducted on a national scale.

We believe in looking for other ways to have good dialogue between citizens and authorities –
especially now, when there are so many issues requiring discussion and so little common space
where everyone feels comfortable. Poland, like many other places, has become tribal – we have
lost the ability to listen to each other and respect each other. The model of National citizens’
dialogue described in this brochure has enormous depolarising potential, because it establishes
the conditions for good discussions across divides, something that is sorely lacking now.

We are experimenting and looking at what is happening in the world. Citizens’ assemblies are
one of the more pronounced trends. At their core is the inclusion of all citizens (including those
who do not usually vote) in formulating opinions and verdicts on important public issues. Perhaps
the authorities now constituting themselves in our country will follow this worthwhile trend. This
is what I wish for myself, but especially for all citizens and Poland.”

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